The Objective:
I plan to do my thesis in learning more about the design principles in Augemented Reality Apps.
So, I designed a few apps for mobile and wearable device (glass) platform.

Tools Used

Tools used:
Pencil-Paper, Sketch 3.0

Hotel Info Finder

As of March 31, 2016 Yelp's mobile app has 21 million average monthly unique users, while that of the mobile web are 69 million. (Source)

Considering this to be a huge market, I thought of an app module that would give information to users using AR Hotel Info Finder.
This module can be increased many folds to making reservations, ordering, etc.

The Final Product

Amazon Orderer

People have started buying groceries on Amazon these days. (I am one amongst them!) I was in my laundry room when I realized that I was just about to run out of detergent liquid.

That's when I realized how cool it would be if I had an app that woudl just point and order stuff from an e-commerce website, say Amazon.

The Final Product

Jog Mate

Wearable devices like Google Glass exploit the power of AR by giving the users a hands-free technology.

What better than a Jogging App that would tell you all the statistics of your jog and control your essentials like Music when you run!

The Final Product

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