The Objective:
Design a scheduling functionality for an existing contact information exchange app for a client that would allow a user (consumer) to search a supplier for a service.
Five more teams were competing in this design challenge.


This design was selected by the client.
- Built on the existing design and functionality of the app.
- Minimum learning curve.
- Simplicity and clean layout.

Tools Used

Tools used:
Pencil-Paper, Balsamiq Mockups, Sketch 3.0

The Concept

The request-accept-confirm methodology was decided to keep the learning curve minimum. This was done as it built upon an existing design of the app.

The calendar was the most important component around which the functionality was designed. So, much thought was put into the settings and the design of the calendar.

The Process

Stage - 1 of any design process is crucial and being able to iterate over numerous times is necessary. Paper mockups form an important starting point of any of my designs as it gives me the flexibility to design quickly.

Stage - 2 was the creation of basic mockups that were presented for design review. Adding interactions gave an idea of all the entry and exit points that I missed in the paper mockups.

Paper Mockup 1 Paper Mockup 2 Paper Mockup 3

Stage - 3 was to put everything together. This is the stage where I explore different styles of the UI. I term this stage as 'The Aesthetic Phase'. The presented design was selected by the client amongst the other 5 designs that were presented.

The Product

The Final Product

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