The Objective:
Design a task monitoring system that would help a supervisor:
- To determine if the tasks have been completed and to assist in monitoring the task assignment.
- To transfer the task from one technician to another (reassigning the task).


- Single screen
- Stats about the tasks at glance always
- Timeline according to the work hours
- Shapes like dots and bars help quantitative comparison without the need of a number
- Reassign suggestion
- Localized notifications

Tools Used

Tools used:
Pencil-Paper, Mockplus, Sketch 3.0

The Concept

The most important aspect that was taken into consideration was the number of screens. Since, it was going to be a monitoring system, it was decided that it would be a single screen interface. More weightage was given to visualization of data.

In the system, time was visualized by rectangles while the task was represented by a dots. The target users’ age is above 45 years, so special effort was taken to avoid mental calculations that may be needed to perform any tasks.

The Process

Paper protoypes were made in order to materialize the concept of a ‘Single-screen’ interface. The layout changed over the numerous iterations and was finalized to be an accordion (with multiple expansions).

The wire-frames were converted into mockups using Mockplus where the interactions were designed. The dot visualization of the task was finalized in this stage. After a peer-design review, some suggestions were incorporated into the final design.

The Product

The Final Product

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